Sunday, April 7, 2013

Organizing My Craftroom, A Work In Progress!

Today organization ideas are on my mind so I thought I would share with you some of my latest Craftroom organization, a work in progress!This shows my 12 x 12 paper holders, I like looking at my paper this way instead of having to lift each sheet to see what's underneath. I put the holders in between my Jet Max Cubes (I used them as bookends) and had Rick cut down a ready made bookshelf the length of my three rolling carts so that I didn't lose storage space on top of the holders. This way I have space for my boxes, Cricut, Laminator, Bind-It-All, etc. notice the two Barbies on the top by my Cricut, they were my first Barbies which I loved to play with for hours with my sister and friends. It was a Saturday ritual in our house to rush through our chores to have the rest of the day to play. We had it all - the Barbie Playhouse, convertible car, a boat, tons of clothing that my Grandma Peggy would make for them, shoes, purses, you name it! There is a jar with Lemon Drops here also that I got from my daughter Carrie on my birthday. Lemon Drops were something my mom always had available to drop in our hot tea so whenever my girls see Lemon Drops it brings back fond memory for them.    Humm, I wonder if that is why my sister likes the Lemon Drop drink :))

Cropper Hopper 12 x 12 Paper Holders behind my Big Shot
The drawers on the right were how I use to store my paper, now I have scrapbook kits, projects in the works, templates, and scrap paper in them. The Cuttlebug is my newest crafting toy, I purchased it even though I love my Big Shot for easier transporting when I go to workshops.  I bought it at the Scrapbook Convention in Portland, Oregon that I went to with my besties Sue Kment and Barb Nesta.  I saw some really fun Metal cutting with the Cuttlebug there out of soda pop!

Here my Ink Pad Storage for  Stampin Up ink and reinkers.  The holder I have had for years and is called a Portaink by CDJ Designs, LLC. My Stampin Up markers are in pen holders made by Close To My Heart (yes I go for products I love, not just from one company even though I have my loyalties).  My colored pencils are in the white holder in the middle (Can't remember where I purchased that but it was online).  The 6 x 6 Scrapbook Page holder on the left with the two little girls hanging on it I  bought with my 50% coupon at Michael's.  The card on it is from Sue Kment.  The little mini book is also made by Sue, it is sitting on a fork that is bent like a little stand that my friend Pat's husband made for me for Christmas.  It is extra special to me with him passing away in January.  You can see my Relay For Life coin collection can behind by clock.  I put my change in that to save each year for my donation to this great cause.  The little boxes on the right hold cards, images, etc.

This is a DVD box that I hold my embossing folders in, love it.  I purchased it at Staples, it holds the taller ones from Stampin Up along with the Cuttlebug folders.

This is my growing Copic Markers and the holder I purchased from Urban Paper in The Dalles, Oregon.  Thanks Jill for feeding my habit and having such wonderful, fun things in your store!  It is a unique store for crafters but has a lot of fun items for non crafters that just want something pretty or fun that is ready made.  Jill has a Cookbook Club that I have attended for nine years, I took this past year off and have missed it so am rejoining...I have gotten some really great recipes from her over the years.  It is a class where you go and scrapbook the recipe that she shares and cooks up for us to sample while crafting - now what's better than that!

The cute little bug holding the Four Leaf Clover is something we made at our March Craft Night as a project by Sue Kment.  The wooden box with Minnie and Mickey Mouse on it is something I have had since a teenager.

This shoe holder on my closet door is what I keep the most used Stampin Up punches in it.  I use to have a mesh shoe holder but it was harder to see at a glance so I got this one from Beds Baths and Beyond.

Here is a closer photo of my rolling carts, I love love love them.  I like that the drawers can be from shallow to deep and rearranged.  This is how I store my ribbon (the pulled out drawer).  The carts come in different heights and widths also.  I have three tall and two short which line my one wall.  They are purchased from The Container Store.  The little black cube you see on top of the short cart is what I keep my 6 x 6 paper packets in until my collections gets as big as Sue's that is :)).

I got this box made by Art Bin for Christmas from Sue for storing my Spellbinder Nesties, Stampin Up Die Cuts, and now these three new ones I purchased at the Scrapbook Convention that emboss and cut.  This is what they used to cut a coke can with and it was Oh So Cute!  I use to use the magnetic books but had to open each one to see what I wanted, this system allows me to flip through the pages and see at a glance.  As you can tell "seeing at a glance" is what I like.  My friend Jill at Urban Paper sells these and the inserts too, I currently have 18 inserts with dies on these in one box with room for more :)).

Here is a closer look at my new embossing and cutting images. The guitar remembers me of Elvis Presley and I am a huge fan of Elvis, just ask my granddaughter Maddie.  (I think she is trying to be one also or at least curious.  She is a fourth grader and brought home a book from her school library to show me about Elvis!  Also she was on her spring break and found a wall art of Elvis and had her photo taken by it and sent it to me).  At least she knows who Elvis is!

Here is how I store my Sizzix and Stampin Up Die Cuts in mesh DVD holders that Staples use to carry.  They fit nicely on the floor under a two drawer dresser I have.  Good thing because they are heavy to lift and this way I just slide one out when I need something.

I purchased a couple of the Medium size Die boxes from Stampin Up to store my Sizzlits in, works great.  I have them in a drawer but here is a photo from the Stampin Up catalog so you can see what I am talking about.

Regarding my stamps I have unmounted all of my wooden and put them on foam and store them in DVD cases like the new clear stamp sets come in and another style I found online as well.  This is a project that keeps on giving (me work that is, lol!)  I am in the process of organizing them by subject (valentines, Christmas, words, sentiments, etc.)  This is giving me a head ache and will take me forever to finish.  For the time being though they are all at least stored in DVD containers in Snap It DVD storage boxes found at most office supply stores.

To add a little humor to my room this is my door sign.  One year when I was hunting for my costume for work when we were all going to b witches Rick saw this sign and said I needed it for my office at work.  Love it.  Afterward I decided to hang it year round on my door to my craftroom.

I hope this helps with some of your storage needs.


  1. Wonderful Room you have there!! Thanks for sharing. I would love your recipe for the cookies. They look wonderful. Hope you raised lots of funds for the Relay for Life....

    Thanks Again,

    1. I just emailed the recipe to you. Thanks for you comments.

  2. Oh so much work Mzzzz Charla-thanks for the inspiration too...I must organize so I can find stuff again!!!! Good to be home

    1. Glad you are home too! See you at stamping Monday night and Cookbook Club on Tuesday!

  3. WOW! I love how you have organized all your craft supplies! I don't know what I like best - the Elfa storage drawers, the shoe organizer for the punches, the Stamples DVD box, the Copic marker storage - oh, my! (Like you, I LOVE my copics and have them in "blocks" I bought off Amazon.)

    Anyway, I appreciate you sharing how you organize your craft room.

    Dawn McCloskey
    Ultra Organized

    1. Thanks Dawn for your comments. I will check out your website also.

  4. Wow that was a long one. Your table sure was bright and spring looking!!

    1. Yes it was long but got me inspired to continue on this organizing journey. Yes my table was springy and cheerful.

  5. It's always fun to see how other people organize their craft rooms. I need to get into my room and do some re-organizing! Thanks for the tour and the inspiration, Charla! Have a fantastic day! =)